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 The topics discussed use high voltage and heat. They can cause property damage as well as hurt and kill. This site and author have made this information public for information and mutual coperation purposes only. Anyone who reads this and attempts to make a device based on any part of it does so at his/her own risk. 

A Better Mousetrap


OK,After some problems with the power supply,I finally have a prototype that is working,so I can start the CF test first with NaBH4,I do not have LAH available,if somebody can send me some I will be grateful.

I made the prototype in wood - Because  I have no easy access to a machine shop. so it looks a bit "rustic" but it can be used like the DogBone or Parkhomov systems except that the heat comes from an induction field in the center of the coil. I intend to put the fuel in an alumina tube centered in the coil. The advantages of it is that there are no problems with the wires of the thermal heater and that the heat can be concentrated in the center of the coil   without lost  so if it works it will have a higher COP. Also there is of course an electromagnetic field at about 10KHz that can be an advantage to start the CF process. The main disadvantage is that there is no possibility to use thermocouples to follow the temperature of the fuel. I will use an IR thermometer but I still have to make a support for it. The other disavantage is that there is no regulation of the temperature at this point (No PID control) The temperature of the fuel will be the maximum possible depending of the power supply voltage and the size/composition of the fuel inside the alumina tubing. Other problems will be probably related to the heating of the fuel powder that probably will have to be fixed by adding solid metal inside the powder. Anyway lot of questions but at least I have the prototype to explore problems and solutions...

















Here is the BMT heating a screwdriver to red hot























Here are the current components of BMT



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